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Surprise Homecoming For Military Family At Spring Meadows

One of Spring Meadows' parents, Amanda Hooper, US Army/PV2, recently surprised her kids with a special unannounced homecoming. The Spring Meadows Hawk family helped surprise the boys by having them take a photo in front of our Christmas tree with their mom in the background without their knowledge. The boys were shown the picture to see if they liked it and the looks on their faces when they finally realized their mother was in the background was priceless! The rest was tears of joy, hugs, smiles, and love. 

Ms. Hooper graduated basic training from Fort Jackson, South Carolina in November and continued her AIT training at Fort Lee, Virginia, where she will graduate on the 17th of January. She hasn't seen her boys since August.
Thank you for your service to our country, Mrs. Hooper!


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