Judson ISD

Veggie Monsters Emerge From JISD Cafeterias

Pictured: Carlie Rauschuber, Heather Raley, Maria Taylor, Guadalupe Cruz, Nettie Wilson, Olga Castillo, Joelyn Adnig and Adella Freeman-Wright

Monster!...Monsters!...they were coming out of the kitchens on JISD campuses lately. Actually, they were VEGGIE MONSTERS!  While vegetables and monsters may be two of the scariest things to a kid, these were definitely nothing to be afraid of...in fact, they were created to help kids be more open to eating vegetables.  All JISD cafeterias were encouraged to create "Veggie Monsters" using locally grown produce served from our kitchens.  A number of campus kitchens put their best monster out there and Spring Meadows Elementary came out the winner. For their wonderful creations, the Spring Meadows staff were awarded new aprons to wear during breakfast and lunch service. Congratulations to these staffers and thank you to everyone who participated. 




So are y'all serving food for us vegan, I feel that as wise people we never get the services for vegetarian and vegan. Even for those who have special diets. Why make us trained those whom fail to understand, whats good and bad foods.

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