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Wagner Athletes Serving As Role Models

For the past several weeks, seniors from Wagner High School's Football program have been serving as role models at local elementary schools within the district.  It's called the "RESPECT" program and it helps students understand the importance of their school work and how it's connected to being in athletics and club teams.  This is summed up in the "3 Rs" ...respect yourself, respect your teacher and respect your school.  The pictures are from Woodlake Elementary and Paschall Elementary.

Among the Wagner students participating were:

Charles Harris, Xavier Hill, Raymond Sneed, Bryan Ship, Kenny Stewart, Deanthony Lee, Luis Rodriguez, and Henry Reyes. 







This is such an awesome program for our elementary students. Thank you Wagner athletes for what you are doing. You are making a difference.

Nurse Bray


I think this is wonderful. As a mom of students at Woodlake Elementary, I can assure you, you gentlemen are making an impact on the lives of our young students. Keep up the good work gentlemen

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