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Wagner ROTC Military Ball At Randolph AFB

It's good to put the old comfy-clothes aside for the evening and really get spiffed up bit.  The 9th Annual Wagner ROTC Military Ball was a special occasion just for that.  The event is totally cadet led and they chose to make it a very formal event. Guys wore their formal military uniform (white shirt and bow tie) and the girls sported a nice evening dress.  The Cadet Battalion Staff was introduced and the colors were posted to kick off the event.  They had some great food and the ceremonial cutting of the cake capped off the dinner with the highest ranking cadet and the lowest ranking cadet together making the first cut to symbolize that every single cadet, no matter what their rank, is necessary to make the battalion successful. The highlight of the evening was provided by Kim Wagner-Hudson (LTC Karen Wagner's sister) who crowned this year's Military Ball court with the help of the Sabre Team.  The event wrapped up with some dancing...with SFC Harper stealing the spotlight with some pretty slick moves on the dance floor.







Gunny Thomas Highway

GO Harper ! Go Harper ! Go Harper ! get jiggy wif it !!!

breanna arnold

everyone looks buteful and handsome.

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