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Wagner Students Chosen For National Award

Congratulations go out to Wagner students Sierra Gonzales and Joshua Staton.  They were selected as recipients of the College Board's National Hispanic Recognition Program. Because they were chosen, they potentially could receive merit scholarships and acceptance to top colleges and universities around the country. These students were recognized because they scored in the top 2.5% among Hispanic PSAT/NMSQT test takers in the region.  

Along with being great students, these two are very involved in their school in many different ways.  Sierra is academically number one in junior class and is a member of the Wagner Band, National Honor Society and the Accounting Club.  Joshua is number seven in the junior class, also a member of the Wagner Band and participates in the Wagner Aerospace program and is an intern for the Xiinux X Company of Texas, a local landscape architect company. 


Sierra Gonzales

Joshua Staton


Judson Wagner

Congratulations, GO Wagner T-Birds GO !!!

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