Judson ISD

What's It Like To Orbit Earth?

Students at Judson Middle School have a better idea of what it's like to be in space.  Science Teacher Mr. Queller initiated this idea through a generous grant from the Nijam Foundation to participate in Earth Odyssey...a STEM program at the Challenger Center.  

This newest project at the Scobee Planetarium brings science to life in a way that gives students a chance to take what they've learned in the classroom and see it work in a real life scenario. This happens through Project Based Learning in this state of the art simulated space environment that is a blast for the kids and just makes learning engaging and fun. 




Ms. A. Carmona

What a wonderful experience for these students!

Congratulations to Mr. Quellar!


awsome they went to space!!!

Elizabeth Haaland

Great Job Mr. Quellar! You make learning fun!!!!


Wow! I wish kitty hawk students can go to

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