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Wortham Oaks Students Are On Their Own Campus!

The exciting first day of classes at Wortham Oaks Elementary School went well with everyone getting used to how things were done and when. After months of sharing the Rolling Meadows Elementary campus, the students at Wortham Oaks are learning in their own school.  The students and staff of Wortham Oaks are so appreciative for the accommodations that were afforded them at Rolling Meadows, but they are glad to be on their own.

Wortham Oaks First Day Video and Photos





The send-off at Rolling Meadows Elementary School

There was also bittersweet send-off at the Rolling Meadows campus to say goodbye as the big move was launched.  It was complete with the Veterans Memorial High School drum line. Kids, staff, and even parents had grown attached to each other, but it was time to go.  





Hey this is Colleen from 4th, and i just want to say how happy i am for our new school!

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