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Your 2016 Bond Money At Work

Box office side of parking lot 

One of the first projects from the 2016 bond that's turning dirt...actually in this case it's turning asphalt, is the Rutledge Stadium parking lot.  If you've been to any event at the stadium over recent years and driven across the parking lot, you know it's needed work.  Well, it's underway with some of the work preps already finished on the box office side, while the end zone area has been excavated with the old surface being ripped up and will be resurfaced next.  The box office side at least is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of football season with the end zone following soon after that.  The last part will be the lot in front of the gym. Each one will feature a beefed up composition and structure. 
We'll soon bring you more information and photos during the summer of other bond projects that are underway.  Be looking for updates periodically showing progress of the work. It'll give you an idea of what's going on.


Below: work going on at the end zone part of the lot



valarie lewis

So happy this is being done for the upcoming year. This was really needed considering how much this facility is used not only by JISD but outside groups as well.

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