Connect with Reading this Summer

  • Connect with Reading this Summer by Playing Connect Four with a Friend or Family Member

    Here's How:

    • Read with a partner or by yourself
    • Make a copy of the game board.  Enter your player names. Share the same game board with your partner (give editing rights).
    • Each person will place a game piece for each book read this summer.  Insert the title of the book on your game piece by inserting a text box on top of the circle after you place it on the game board.
    • You cannot add a circle until you have finished a book.  BUT if you read 2 books before your partner finishes one… you will have an advantage of placing 2 pieces in a row.  

    What should I read?

    • ANY book with more than 70 pages will count! 
    • Check out books in SORA - login to your Judson portal and open the blue library folder. Click on Sora.  Check out the Sweet Reads - they are always available to read!  Be sure to add the San Antonio Public Library to access many more book options.  Click here.
    • Read any book from the Lone Star Reading lists for double (place 2 circles!). You can select from the current list or past lists.  

    Prizes for all readers who complete 4 or more books!