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Spotlights on PVE's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

JISD Spotlights would like to tell you about a unique program that only one of our elementary has. The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is a federally funded program from U.S.D.A. that provides fresh produce twice a week during the school year to all the students at Park Village. The staff is also equipped with enrichment activities that allow the students to learn more about the minimally processed produce they are tasting that day. The students receive produce like mangos, tomatoes, plums, and even jicama.

The students at Park Village seem to enjoy it, and they look forward to trying new fruits and vegetables and learning about the environment in which the produce grows and comes from. In addition, the staff
loves to hear feedback from the parents, from how the students recognize the produce they taste inside the classroom at their local grocery stores to encourage their parents to buy it for them.
A small reminder that next week is National School Lunch Week! (Oct. 11th- Oct. 15th) 

"The whole of this program is really exposer, its not only an addtional nutrients for their bodies, but also nurtures the idea of trying new fruits and vegetables and increasing awareness."
- Principal, Sharon Missy Balderas