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Full Service Kitchens Open Up at Two Elementaries

You may have thought that since every school campus has a cafeteria, that it also has its own kitchen to cook the food. Well, not necessarily. For many years JISD’s Central Kitchen has prepared meals for campuses like Park Village and Miller’s Point Elementary Schools and then transported them by truck each school day. Monday April 5th  marked the beginning of the end for most of that. These schools opened up their own cooking kitchens today. A number of campuses like Park Village and Miller’s Point  are in the midst of kitchen construction to do the same thing. This will turn them into what are called production kitchens…meaning food is cooked and prepared on campus and served to students there.
On Monday these kitchens were cooking up a storm preparing and serving hot meals for the very first time for students. Park Village is serving its meals in the classrooms for now, while Miller’s Point was using its spaced-out cafeteria to chow down. Fried Chicken was on the menu. It was a real treat for kids and for the workers to see their faces as they enjoyed a new lunch experience.
 MP kitchen cafetria workers smiling cafeteria