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Wagner JROTC makes National appearance

Wagner JROTC Armed/Unarmed Drill Teams handle adversity well for US Army Nationals and collect hardware for US National Services JROTC Drill Championship!

Congratulations to Wagner JROTC Thunderbird Armed and Unarmed Drill Team for qualifying for the US Army & US National Services JROTC Drill Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida this past weekend. History was made with both Armed and Unarmed this weekend as they are now national ranked among all service branches which include other Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine JROTC’s.  Day one of the competition was a huge learning curve to get back into drill with an average performance. Day two Thunderbirds made a statement and stepped up to the challenge with great results. A special thanks to the cadets on the teams and the instructors for a successful year of drill during a pandemic.

Armed Results:

7th Place: Armed Overall Championship (12)

9th Place: Armed Inspection

5th Place: Armed Commander Trophy (C/LTC Nathaniel Ruhl)

3rd Place: Armed Regulation (Trophy)

6th Place: Armed Color Guard

8th Place: Armed Exhibition

Unarmed Results:

6th Place: Unarmed Overall Championship (12)

5th Place: Unarmed Inspection (Trophy)

4th Place: Unarmed Commander Trophy (C/MAJ Sienna Rios)

6th Place: Unarmed Regulation

5th Place: Armed Color Guard (Trophy)

7th Place: Armed Exhibition