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Worldwide Awards for Physical Fitness Test

Look at our cadets in action! The Air Force JROTC program at Judson HS participated in the JROTC PFT assessment which is a way to measure physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness. The assessment requires cadets to perform timed endurance activities such as running a mile and completing as many sit-ups and push-ups as possible within 1 minute. Five of our cadets received worldwide recognition after completing the PFT assessment and were awarded the Health and Wellness Ribbon with Device. Congratulations to these students who show determination and hard work in and out of the classroom!

Silver Star Device

recipients rank in the top 85% of all AFJROTC worldwide

  • Paul McMillian (JECA, 11th)
  • Elyas Perez (Judson HS, 10th)

Bronze Star Device

recipients rank in the top 75% of all AFJROTC worldwide

  • Selma Aguilar (Judson HS, 11th)
  • Madalynn Tanner (Judson HS, 11th)
  • Stacy Sosa-Rommel (JECA, 10th)