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Spotlights on Judson Learning Academy

Judson Learning Academy has MOVED. This school year, they have relocated from Rolling Oaks Mall to the second floor of the E building at Kirby Middle School. They have seven classrooms on the floor for students to obtain the necessary high school credits to graduate. Their current enrollment is about 100 students, with 18 students already meeting state graduation requirements this first semester!

Ms. Patty Santos is their academic counselor who helps enroll students and ensure correct classes for graduation. Ms. Shuler is the academic coach who enrolls students, advises students on credits, and coach’s teachers. Their new principal is Dr. Sue Arredondo, who is also the Principal at Kirby MS. With the support of the Simon Youth Foundation, the academy has continued to grow and thrive on helping students reach high school graduation. If you would like to learn more about the amazing things happening at Judson Learning Academy, visit our website.

"New Home. New Logo. Same Mission."
- Dr. Sue Arredondo, Principal at JLA