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Project Based Learning at VMHS

Veterans Memorial’s Project Based Learning is off with a BANG this semester with art installations in the library. The art students have been working on the mural and the book columns for most of the 2nd term. Mrs. Green-Gaskin’s Art Painting 2 Class created a mural in the library. They painted their depictions of the various genres that one finds in the library; horror, mystery, humor, romance, and fantasy. Ms. Gutierrez’s Art & Media Communications Class painted various book spines on the pillars all around the library. The student work has livened up the library space, and it adds warmth that the space has been missing.

Mrs. Arevalo-Thompson, the librarian at VMHS, has wanted a mural in the library since she helped open the school in 2016. Adding the book columns in the space is the finishing touch. She hopes future classes will continue to add art to the space.