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JISD High Schools Participate in Whataburger Test Market

Ketchup lovers at the three comprehensive JISD high schools got the chance to participate in a unique test market opportunity. Whataburger donated some 3,600 packets of ketchup...half spicy and half fancy used on a day during National School Lunch Week that hamburgers and fries were one of the entree options. Promotion of the ketchup day through signage and announcements raised student awareness and enthusiasm, especially for the large number of them that were already Whataburger fans. 

In the end, when the day came, the students were excited about trying something new in their school cafeteria and definitely had opinions about which one was their favorite. Each kind of ketchup was presented at each cashier point in separate containers. No more than two packets per student were taken. (one of each or two of one or the other)

The winner was the Whataburger Fancy Ketchup over the Spicy. Based on the number of packets taken/leftover.


Two thirds (2/3) favored the fancy ketchup
One third (1/3) favored the spicy ketchup


Judson HS had some harder numbersWe put 1,000 servings of each favorite. Fancy leftovers were 244, and Spicy 642 left over.
Veterans Memorial HS went through 4 boxes of the fancy, 2 boxes of the spicy.
Wagner HS was a pretty even split...they had four boxes of each leftover.