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A huge Untied Way thank you!

Judson ISD and United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County came together to celebrate and congratulate our JISD campus and department champions. Together the district donated a total of over $77,000.

We want to recognize

  • Wagner High School for receiving the Highest Overall Contribution award,
  • Candlewood Elementary with the Highest Percentage Increase In Contribution award, and
  • JSTEM Academy with the Highest Per Capita award.

The Judson Education Foundation was one of the organizations that our employees could choose to donate directly to. The foundation provided incentives to our campus: a $500 grant to the campus with the highest contribution to Judson Education Foundation, and all campuses that reached 100% participation were entered into a drawing for a $500 Grant. Kitty Hawk Middle School received both of the two $500 grants.

The following schools had 98-100% participation:

  • Candlewood Elementary
  • Converse Elementary
  • Coronado Village Elementary
  • Crestview Elementary
  • Escondido Elementary
  • JSTEM Academy
  • Judson Early College Academy
  • Kitty Hawk Middle School
  • Masters Elementary School
  • Miller's Point Elementary
  • Metzger Middle School
  • Olympia Elementary
  • Spring Meadows Elementary
  • Woodlake Elementary
  • Wortham Oaks Elementary

Ms. Alfaro shares Wagner's United Way Journey

To: JISD United Way Administrator, Ms. Natalie Guzman
From: Wagner Principal, Ms. Prissila Alfaro

I have been like a hawk ALL DAY LONG following our United Way status! I think I have asked for the updated report at least 5 times today!

We didn't get 100% participation, BUT from what I can tell, we contributed the largest amount of donations. Yesterday at our faculty meeting, I asked everyone to ensure that we crushed our personal campus goal of $7,500. We went from a little over $4,500 to over $7,600 in less than 24 hours! It is wonderful for my staff to get behind this initiative, but it is also how they stepped up that makes me so happy.

I offered to personally buy lunch for the 1st department with 100% participation. It turns out that my JROTC (party of 3) instructors all made their pledges and won. Here is where it gets even better... instead of just earning their reward and being done, they then offered to provide lunch for everyone who submitted a pledge! Talk about paying it forward. It turns out that they are providing lunch to the entire staff on October 22nd.

One of my science teachers texted me a little after 4 p.m. and asked if we had hit our goal? I told him that I just got word that we surpassed it. After school, I saw him in the cafeteria and asked, "Were you going to make it rain on United Way?" He said, "Yeah, I had my wallet out. I was going to make sure we hit our goal." Like seriously...who does that?

I am really, really proud of our T-Bird family, and they continue to amaze me every single day, which is why at the end of every week, I sit down and think, "This was a good week."