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Hartman's Martha Sanchez named September's Key Contributor

It was easy to tell that Martha Sanchez, a Bilingual Dyslexia teacher at Hartman Elementary, does not do her job for the accolades or acknowledgment. As she quietly accepted the September Key Contributor award from Dr. Fields, one could tell what she really wanted was to get back to the business of teaching the students, something that does not surprise her coworkers.

“I often hear parents compliment Mrs. Sanchez's teaching and reading remediation techniques and she smiles humbly and quietly,” Hartman Principal Monica Rodriguez said.

During the last three years Sanchez has worked at Hartman, she has impacted students with reading difficulties with measurable results. And the students not only read better, but they also love doing the work with their teacher. 

“You should see her work with her students; they love to go to class and don't even want to leave,” Rodriguez said.

Sanchez is a teacher and communicator who understands that sharing strategies and data not only with her colleagues but also with her students’ parents creates a path to student improvement and success. 

“She has been a source of expertise serving all students and supporting campus-wide literacy. She has become an instrumental team member of the Hartman Special Education Department and a critical member of all ARD meetings with her reliable data reports,” Rodriguez said.

It is clear that through her work with students, parents, and staff, Sanchez is a living example of the Judson ISD Leadership Definition, treating people well, investing in others, and planning for success. It shows in her work and her results, even if she never seeks to be recognized for it.

“She takes great joy in seeing her students succeed and we are incredibly lucky that she chooses Hartman,” Rodriguez said.

Thank you to Martha Sanchez for making a difference in the lives of students every day and helping us Produce Excellence at Judson ISD.