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District commemorates the 22nd Anniversary of the September 11 attacks

This morning, Judson ISD commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 attacks during two events.

At D.W. Rutledge Stadium, at 8:27 a.m. - the time of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center - police officers, firefighters, Judson High School JROTC cadets, cross country athletes, and community members hosted their annual climbing of the stadium stairs.

The morning started with Converse Fire Caption Danny Cano speaking about the events of the day. He mentioned how many of the students who were participating in the event were born after 2001, unaware of how the day immediately jolted the United States (and the world), from changes to flying to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

“The events of that day changed the way we live,” Cano said.

At 8:27 a.m., audio from firefighters' radios began to play over the speakers. Led by Converse Mayor Al Suarez, participants began climbing the steps of the stadium with full gear on and oxygen tanks weighing about 30 lbs. Judson High School JROTC cadets and cross-country athletes also participated, showing unity with the community first responders.

“Especially with many of our athletes born after the attacks, it is important for us to remind our students that events like this are bigger than sports,” cross country head coach Christina Holland said.

At 9:00 a.m., Wagner High School’s JROTC hosted its annual 9/11 memorial event. The campus was named after Karen Wagner, a Judson High School graduate and Army lieutenant colonel stationed at the Pentagon who died during the terrorist attacks.

The ceremony began with over 100 members of the Wagner High School AFJROTC marching in units to the front of the school to announce their attendance before the flags were raised to half-staff.

Ms. Debra Eaton, SFC, United States Army (Ret.) and member of the JISD Board of Trustees was the event’s guest speaker. Eaton knew Karen Wagner personally as a member of her community and her church. 

“You don’t often get to meet people that are a part of the history happening right in front of you,” Eaton said, as she shared memories of Wagner. “Karen was an awesome person and she served our country well. Remember her always for the sacrifice she made to her country.”

The ceremony included touching musical performances by Wagner High School students, including acapella versions of the national anthem and the school song, performed by the Wagner High School Choir, and Taps performed by Thunderbird Band trumpet player Julian Cano.

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