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Twenty-two campus leaders celebrated for completing JLI program

The Department of Leadership Development is committed to growing and building leaders in Judson ISD. This morning, we celebrated the 22 campus leaders who participated in the 22-23 Judson Leadership Institute (JLI) with breakfast and certificates.
JLI allowed participants to go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at leadership from different viewpoints. Monthly sessions facilitated by Dr. Destiny Barrera, Director of Leadership Development, focused on our Judson ISD Leadership Definition, including customer service, school culture, communication skills, school branding, community volunteering, a book study, attending district events, summer internship, and much more. Needless to say, they were very busy this past school year! We are proud to brag that 6 cohort members are now in new leadership roles on campuses, such as assistant principal and academic leadership roles. We honor these individuals for their leadership, commitment to Judson ISD, and completion of Judson Leadership Institute. Congratulations Judson Leaders!
Alexandra Nieves Kirby MS
Amanda Gwillim Woodlake ES
Cherilyn Porter Judson HS
Christopher Arevalo Rolling Meadows ES
Colin Orand Wagner HS
Crystal Shields Park Village ES
Danielle Wright Judson MS
Gladis Matamoros Wagner HS
Heather Aguilar Woodlake ES
Kaitlin Andersen Coronado Village ES
Kimberly Perez Garcia Masters ES
Laura Anderson  Woodlake ES
Meghan Farley Franz Leadership Academy
Melissa Covington Franz Leadership Academy
Michael Barclay  Veterans Memorial HS
Nathan Benge Judson HS
Regina Davis Miles Candlewood ES
Robin A. Pryor Kirby MS
Stephanie Edwards Hopkins ES
Tania Kelley Veterans Memorial HS
Tracy Brown Rolling Meadows ES