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Rutledge Stadium hosts district bike rodeo

Yesterday, Judson ISD athletics, in conjunction with our elementary schools, held its annual bike rodeo at D.W. Rutledge Stadium. Nearly 200 eager bikers ascended the course. Two bikers from each grade level 1st-5th advanced to the district rodeo from their campus. Bikers were judged in the areas of Balance, Steering, Figure 8, and Maneuvering. Several high school student-athletes from Judson Softball, track and cheer; Wagner cheer, and Veterans Memorial cheer, teamed up with bikers and encouraged them along the way.
Out of 40 students per grade level, the top 6 were awarded trophies. We would also like to recognize board members Monica Ryan and Stephanie Faulkner for taking time out of their schedules to help hand out trophies to our bikers.
Below are the list of winners for each grade level:

1ST grade 

1st Anna Walker- Wortham Oaks 

2nd Aiden Boiling- Salinas 

3rd Kairos Aguilar-Franz 

4th Mason Dixson-Escondido 

5th Everest Raymond-Olympia  

6th Kapri Puente-Copperfield      


2nd grade 

1st Mattis Johnson- Salinas  

2nd Tyra Zancketti-Crestview  

3rd Milana Farmer- Woodlake 

4th Dorian Munoz-Spring Meadows  

5th Novan Mendez-Masters  

6th Naitily Laguna- Hopkins  

3rd grade 

1st Holley Graves- Crestview 

2nd Yaneidys Morales- Escondido  

3rd Kenneth Polk-Kenneth Polk 

4th Liam Batista-Olympia 

5th  Elena Rodriguez-Park Village  

6th Milanni Calhoun- Woodlake  

4th grade 

1st Jemma Chavez- Paschall  

2nd Kyle Mathis- Franz 

3rd Esper Lopez- Corando Village  

4th Aubree Hernandez- Wortham Oaks 

5th Leonardo Hernandez- Spring Meadows  

6th Chester Larcom- Wortham Oaks  

5th grade 

1st Addison Chagoya- Escondido  

2nd Vaden Elliot- Salinas 

3rd Greyson Marion-Wortham Oaks 

4th Albert Lopez-Crestview  

5th Alejando Sandoval-Copperfield  

6th Leonardo Garcia- Paschall