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NBA's Andre Roberson visits Patriot's Boys Basketball head of state tournament

The Veterans Memorial Men’s Basketball team had a visitor today - one who knows exactly how they are feeling as they head to the State Tournament for the second consecutive year. Andre Roberson had the same experience at Wagner High School before moving on to an NBA career with the OKC Thunder. Roberson talked to the Patriots about their approach to returning to the State Tournament. 

“It’s your time. You’ve worked for it. Embrace the moment. Be in the moment,” Roberson said to the team.

He acknowledged the butterflies they get when they step out on that court but reminded them that they have been there before.

“Apply those lessons from last year. This time, you’ll have a little more confidence, a little more readiness going out there because you’ve been there. You know how to control it. Minimize your mistakes, play within yourselves and within your team; ultimately, play together,” Roberson said.

He recognized that the parades, pep rallies, media coverage, and all the attention the team is getting now are great but to remember what they really want.

“Stay focused on the mission at hand. Because at the end of the day, it's going to be there [the game].  Understand the main focus - go out and win the game,” Roberson said.

Roberson said that he knows the loss from last year still looms in their heads, but that they have earned their number-one ranking by being a great team and doing what it takes. 

“Imagine the feeling you guys had last year after losing at state. You guys have a chance to do it all over again. Have that mindset, that emotional response from the jump. I promise you that will shift everything. You asked for this moment all over again. Go out there and finally take advantage of it. It’s your time. Take it.”