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Miller’s Point's Maximiliano Ruelas, Masters' Camryn Johnson, and JLA's Juan Ruiz named March's Superintendent Shining Star Award

Maximiliano Ruelas, 5th Grade, Miller’s Point Elementary

We are excited to celebrate 5th grader Max Ruelas, the Miller’s Point Superintendent Shining Star!

Max is a positive example to the entire Miller’s Point student body both in his commitment to excellence in academics and behavior. He has an exceptional work ethic, always treats others well and can be counted on to do the right thing. 

Max is a well-rounded student, participating in the Miller's Point Art Club, Cooking Club, and Marimba Club.  He also plays soccer.

Congratulations to Max for being a great example of the Judson ISD Leadership Definition, and inspiring his fellow Jets.




Camryn Johnson, 5th grade, Masters Elementary

Congratulations to 5th grader Camryn Johnson for being the Masters Elementary Superintendent’s Shining Star.

The moment Camryn steps on campus she is ready to learn. She is an excellent student, always giving her best effort in the classroom. Camyrn is kind and respectful and role model to other students. She volunteers in the Masters library and is always willing to help fellow students or classmates. We are proud of Camryn for consistently modeling the JISD Leadership Definition by treating everyone well, planning for success and investing in people.




Juan Ruiz, 12th grade, Judson Learning Academy

At Judson Learning Academy, Juan Ruiz is a true example of the Judson ISD Leadership Definition and their Superintendent’s Shining Star!

Juan comes to school every day with an energetic attitude, positive outlook and a friendly disposition, making JLA a great place to be every day. He is kind and polite in his manner and treats others well.

Juan is planning for success every day. He sets goals for himself, meets them and helps others without being asked.  He not only plans for his own success but encourages others to do the same.

Juan is also actively planning for his future. He has completed his FAFSA application, Apply Texas application and is exploring a variety of college options. Juan asks for help when he needs it, and always keeps his goals in sight. He is determined to accomplish all the goals he sets for himself.

Congratulations to Juan Ruiz, the JLA Superintendent’s Shining Star.