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Ms. Kari Savage-Egg is the assistant principal all schools need

You only have to talk to Ms. Kari Savage-Egg for a few minutes to know she loves being an assistant principal. She has been part of the Judson ISD Family for 21 years as a teacher, RTI Facilitator, and for the last four years, as an Assistant Principal. 

She has loved every job she’s had at Judson and she is passionate about public education. 

“No matter what, they [students] are all ours. You walk in the door with your baby and I'm going to take care of them, every single one. Whatever they need, that's what they're going to get,” Savage-Egg said.

That’s how Savage-Egg approaches all aspects of her job. As an assistant principal, it’s not just the students who need her. The role is there to support the entire school community and Savage-Egg believes that communication is the key to making all of those relationships work.

And while technology allows for quick, one-sided communication, she always prefers to make a more personal connection.

“I always want to talk to parents. I often pick up the phone and call because I want to communicate with them. I want them to hear my voice and know that I care because that’s their child. They give us their child for 8 hours a day,” Savage-Egg said. 

It’s clear that Savage-Egg cares about cultivating positive relationships with families that are so important to the success of all students. She also feels that way about the teachers and staff at Salinas.

“Teachers are the glue that holds this school together. None of this happens without them and I want them to know that I’m here for them anytime they need me,” Savage-Egg said.

While she misses having little faces in her own classroom, Savage-Egg loves being part of the big picture of a campus. 

“As an AP, you get to see how all of the wonderful little pieces of the puzzle get put together to make kids successful. That’s the only reason I’m here or any of us. To help kids be successful, and I like being part of that,” Savage-Egg said.

Savage-Egg also loves being part of the Judson ISD Family. She credits her success to the compassionate, caring leaders she has worked with here at JISD. Leaders who have poured into her, leaders who are also teachers.

“A leader to me is somebody who's willing to teach to you. Somebody who wants to grow more leaders. Somebody who takes the time to show you how to do things and wants you to be great,” Savage-Egg explained.

Savage-Egg is that kind of leader, too.

You see it when teachers walk into her office to ask questions. She, and assistant principals like her, are an important part of the big picture of a school community and essential to making our schools great places to be for students, staff and families. 

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