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Convocation 2019: Driven By Excellence

Dr. Ball makes grand convocation entrance

It was an incredible way to start the school year. Convocation 2019 was the latest edition of an annual event that continues to evolve. It's a positive way of showing some of the exciting new things going on within Judson ISD. Judson High School's Communications Teacher Pedro Cabrera was outstanding as the Master of Ceremonies getting the crowd primed for the start of it all. One of the big features of convocation came from the Fine Arts Department. This past summer's performances of Peter Pan, Jr. at the PAC was a huge hit and many of the students who were a part of it came back for an abbreviated performance at the convocation for all district employees to see. It just made it plain to see the success of the Summer Fine Arts Academy and the reasons that many are looking forward to it again next year.

Master of Ceremonies Pedro Cabrera  Dr. Ball speaking  Board President Renee Paschall speaking  Peter Pan, Jr. cast performs  Peter Pan, Jr. cast performs  B-rating for district cause for celebrating
Inspiration was another big part of this year's convocation. While the music, cheers, and drum lines got everyone juiced up for the occasion, keynote speaker Consuelo Kickbusch, reminded everyone the reason why each of us prepares for our students and takes the time to listen to them and where they're coming from. She is the daughter of immigrant parents who instilled important values in her that were reinforced in her years in the U.S. Army. Every child has a story that is worthy of hearing and she is living proof that when a teacher reaches out to a child to show they care, it has a profound impact on how that student sees themselves.

Consuelo Kickbusch speaks
Wrapping it all up, Spring Meadows Elementary was chosen for the Spirit Stick award...Congratulations!!

Spring Meadows Staff-Spirit Winners