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1st Day Of School...2019-2020 Off To Great Start

parents taking children to school

The first day of school is always exciting and a little nerve racking all at the same time. But teachers, staff, and administrators know that so they try to make it as smooth of a process for students and parents as possible. From transportation and meal preparations to classroom atmosphere, it was a team effort to make help each person feel like they belong and set the stage for a positive and encouraging academic start to the year. We thank everyone who showed what serving our community is all about and do it each and every day.

JISD Bus Barn

JISD Bus Barn  JISD Bus Barn  JISD Bus Barn

Crestview ES

First day of school  1st day   1st day

Kitty Hawk Middle School

Kitty Hawk 1st day  Kitty Hawk 1st day  Kitty Hawk 1st day

Woodlake Hills Middle School

Woodlake Hills 1st day  Woodlake Hills 1st day  Woodlake Hills 1st day

Paschall Elementary School

Paschall ES 1st day  Paschall ES 1st day  Paschall ES 1st day