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Copperfield Celebrates Its Six Distinctions

Copperfield 6 Star Celebration

Copperfield Elementary School is one of those campuses that has a unique atmosphere and culture. That has been a big part of the school earning all six possible distinctions from TEA's accountability assessment. It was and still is a team effort that fosters a genuine expression of care for one another as coworkers, students, and parents. A number of staff members shared their thoughts about the achievement and kept coming back to the tone set by their leadership. Ms. Sherri Wrather has a welcoming, warm spirit about her that comes through in the everyday things she does. That makes staff motivated to go the extra mile each day because the tone is set by a leader who cares...and it shows. 

Congratulations to everyone at Copperfield Elementary. These Bobcats are purrrrring!

Dr. Ball speaking  All staff gathered for celebration  waiting for celebration to start  Copperfield celebration  Copperfield celebration  Copperfield celebration  Copperfield celebration  Copperfield celebration  Copperfield celebration