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Jaelyn Lopez: A Student Of Courage

Jaelyn and Ms. Munoz

Jaelyn Lopez is a junior at Veterans Memorial High School, but not many students see her walk the hallways...that's because she's a homebound Patriot student. She's traveled a real journey fighting leukemia over time and right now seems to be on the mend. The Wortham Oaks Student Council just recently wrapped up a drive to benefit Jaelyn and they presented her with what was collected. It was a great moment for her and the kids to see their energy and efforts helping others.

While there are still some real physical repercussions from her battle, she's got the hopeful and resilient attitude that's vital to getting through it. That's why she is the subject of a news feature in the upcoming December edition of the Local Community Newspaper. The monthly publication came out recently to Wortham Oaks to interview her and her former principal at Crestview Elementary School Yvonne Munoz, who is now the principal at Wortham Oaks. The two went through a lot together and became close during those years and the visit was the perfect opportunity for the students to present her their gift. 

Jaelyn and Wortham Oaks Student Council