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February 2020 Employee of the Month—Yolanda Walker

Yolanda Walker is Employee of the Month

The February JISD Employee of the Month is someone who helps set the tone and atmosphere among students, staff, and parents. She is Copperfield Elementary School Office Support Aide Yolanda Walker, she couldn't believe this award was for her. Ms Walker was beyond surprised to see she was chosen as the JISD employee of the month.  Ms. Walker is energetic and positive to everyone she sees and has such a giving spirit about her. Her co-workers have explained how she keeps special snacks for some of the students that don’t get much of that at home. She has also been known to bring clothes and shoes to other students. Much of this is out of her own money because she cares and, as she puts it, “I just can’t tell them no.”

But most of all, Ms. Walker is one of those personalities that is a magnet to people who just need a little hug and encouragement…especially the children. They will run up to her when they see her at lunch. She knows their names and she can sense what they need. If you ask her for assistance with something, especially if it has to do with the students, she is always willing to help and many times will know more about how to assist the child or family than anyone else. For Ms. Walker, this is more than just a job, it’s a way of touching the lives of students and staff, and making a difference in their families. We congratulate Copperfield Elementary School’s Yolanda Walker the JISD Employee of the Month for February. 

Yolanda Walker - Employee of Month

Ms. Walker with Dr. Ball and Copperfield Principal Sherri Wrather