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JISD Board Approves Calendar Change For 2020-21 School Year

New JISD School CalendarIn a special meeting of the Judson ISD Board of Trustees on August 6, 2020, members approved a new instructional calendar that includes a new start of school date of August 24, 2020. This new designated start of instruction is almost a week later than the previous August 18th date that was approved earlier this year previous to the advent of COVID-19. The rest of the calendar stays essentially the same with the exception of exchanging the Columbus Day holiday for Election Day which will be November 3, 2020.

The idea of a new start date for the school year was proposed to JISD staff through a survey sent to employees earlier this summer as COVID conditions evolved and official directives continued to be issued. Several options were included in the survey, including keeping the calendar as previously approved. The date of August 24th was the start date option that garnered a significant majority of support from employees.

New JISD School Calendar 2020-2021


Here is the tenative schedule as we move foreward 

The first day of school will now be on August 24. All students will receive instruction

After Labor Day, beginning on September 8, Judson ISD will offer a “Safe Haven” option for students that meet specific criteria (listed below). All other students will remain in
virtual remote instruction.
   o A student has no internet connectivity at home.
   o A student receives Special Education Services through a specialized unit, such as Life Skills.
   o A student is a child of a single parent or two working parents and childcare is unavailable.
   o A student is a child of a first responder (law enforcement, fire department, EMS,
     medical hospital personnel, active duty military).

Beginning September 28, we will move forward with our plan to provide the two
instructional options that parents committed for their child(ren); either Face to Face
Instruction or Virtual Instruction.

 So what should you expect regarding procedures coming back? Below is the Return To Learn Guidance

Return to Learn guidance Return To Learn Guidance Information