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Introducing Dr. Mary Duhart-Toppen

Dr. Mary Duhart-Toppen Dr. Mary Duhart-Toppen, principal at Karen Wagner High School, has recently earned her Doctor of Education (EdD) degree through Walden University. She will be graduating from Walden's prestigious Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership. Her dissertation explores the important issue of "Urban High School Principals' Leadership Practices and Academic Progress for Students-at-Risk." It examines the perceptions of urban high school principals regarding their leadership practices.

Dr. Duhart-Toppen recommends that school districts provide professional learning opportunities for urban high school principals centered around authenticity in leadership style, implementing effective leadership practices, and understanding the school's context to influence students' academic progress in urban high schools. We are proud of Dr. Duhart-Toppen for her perseverance in earning this degree and her continued leadership on her campus and throughout the district.