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November Employee of the Month is Donna Gutierrez

Donna Gutierrez Coronado Village teacher Ms. Donna Gutierrez has been involved with Judson ISD since her own children were students. She became a substitute teacher then and Instructional assistant with an A. P. P. L. E. classroom while earning her degree and certification.  She is known for being a teacher with grace and love for her students, always going the extra mile for them. Ms. Gutierrez has been a teacher for 7 years and was in complete shock when she saw JISD superintendent Dr. Ball walk into her classroom, “I felt she may be lost and in need of direction” said Ms. Gutierrez. As her students cheered for her award Ms. Gutierrez spoke on how her students are what inspire her to keep teaching. She is the founder of the Toro running club which provides students the opportunity to be active and healthy. Students can run, jog, and walk, to improve physical fitness and have fun with friends.  Health and fitness are a big part of Ms. Gutierrez’s daily life, afterschool you can find Ms. Gutierrez hiking and biking with her family and spending quality time with her grandchildren.

Congratulations to Ms. Donna Gutierrez from Coronado Village Elementary School for being selected as the Judson ISD November employee of the month.

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