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December Employee of the Month is Elisa Husek

Elisa Husek Ms. Elisa Husek couldn’t hold back the tears when she was surprised as the December employee of the month. Ms. Husek has been an employee at Judson ISD for 23 years, she is known for being loyal, dependable and a hard worker. She started her journey at Judson ISD as a single mom with 3 kids enrolled in the district - which made her decision to work at Judson ISD a perfect combination. Ms. Husek has been with the Curriculum and Instruction Department since she started 23 years ago. She is currently the secretary to the Assistant Superintendent. When she isn’t at work, she loves to craft, spend time in her garden, but especially spend time with her two grandchildren. She has always felt a sense of home and family here at Judson ISD. Ms. Husek loves that she gets to meet so many people and every day is a new exciting day.

Ms. Husek will be retiring at the end of December - we wish her the best of luck on her next journey as she will be missed.

Elisa Husek and Dr. Ball

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