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Region 20 Highlights Ms. Smejkal as Making A Difference

Ms. Smejkal's commitment to including and encouraging parents during this difficult period in our educational history is unmatched. She spends a lot of her energy communicating with parents, supporting parents, and finding new ways to engage our families and community during this time of limited "outside" contact. Her most recent endeavor was to orchestrate a drive-through car parade for our families. Ms. Smejkal collaborated with Mr. Rodney Rodriguez. With Mr. Rodriguez’s hard work, resources, and costumes staff members dressed up as different holiday characters and treat bags were handed out. A lot of time and energy was put into the parade, but it was all worth it to see the smiles on the student's faces. In January she is supporting an initiative to hold virtual "parent" classrooms.

Ms. Anderson, a kindergarten teachers, came up with a fabulous idea and Ms. Smejkal supported it fully. Ms. Anderson responded to our parents showing an interest in learning more so that they can support their children more. These classes will cover everything from behavior techniques to the most researched-based, effective ways to support your child's literacy development. She also wants to research grant opportunities to add an outdoor stage to the back of our school so we can invite parents to interact in a more Covid safe environment.

Even though there are so many more examples, Ms. Smejkal also engineered and supported a "Goodnight Miller's Point" program. Every Sunday night 7 different bedtime stories are uploaded to Class Dojo and the Miller's Point Facebook page so that each night a different bedtime story is read to students by the MPE staff. Ms. Smejkal truly is making a difference for the MPE Jets.