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Believe it Foundation Donates Bikes for JISD Students


In the Spring of 2020, the Judson ISD Department of Special Education Adapted P.E. staff began a partnership with the Believe It Foundation to provide high quality therapeutic bikes for JISD students. In 2008, the Believe It Foundation was formed by Andrew McAllister for the purpose of promoting the inclusion of physically challenged children. The Foundation has continued to provide safe, healthy recreation opportunities for children with physical and mental differences.

The first two bikes were ordered in September 2020 with the help of the foundations Director Mr. William McGinnis. These bikes were delivered in December 2020 to Metzger Middle School and Converse Elementary.


JISD Department of Special Education received 10 additional bikes for the following schools. JHS, VMHS, WHS, JMS, KHMS, KMS, WHMS, EES, RMES, SMES.


Mr. McAllister and Mr. McGinnis visited Spring Meadows ES, Judson Middle School and Rolling Meadows ES to see their gift in action. The bikes have a profoundly positive effect on our students. The benefits of therapeutic bike riding include: Behavior, strengthening of lower extremity and core muscles, range of motion, lower stress levels, better mood and sense of self-esteem.


Judson ISD is scheduled to receive an additional 12 bikes starting in the Fall of 2021, bringing the foundations total donation to approximately $100,000!


 Judson ISD joins the Believe It Foundation video (

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