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VMHS Choir earns high ratings

The Veterans Memorial High School Choir recently  sang for the UIL Concert and Sight Sing evaluation. VMHS students sang a finely tuned concert with extreme musical sensitivity, and then read through a new piece of music they had never seen before at sight.  The judges saw fit to rate the choir a superior rating in all areas earning them a Sweepstakes.  This is no easy task even in a normal year, but for them to pull this off in a year where only 5 members of the competing choir have been coming to school in person is remarkable.  We are beyond proud that our students at home and in person had the tenacity and integrity to stay on top of their individual rehearsal so they could come together for this big win!

 The students who competed are listed below:

Balderas, Jocelyn
Brooks, Madison
Bulatao, Bernice
Campbell, Victoria
Christianson, Nykolas
Cobos, Valeria
Collier, Drew
Fernandez, Hope
Fuentes, Marco
Hinton, Echo
Ramirez, Manuel
Rush, Roxanne
Sanchez, Autumn
Snook, Kalicia
Trevino, Connor
Valdez, Conner
Wildberger, Lauren
Zamora, Rachael

Congratulations again on the great acomplishment and to the choir director Mr. Stanley A. Moody 


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