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Congratulations Dr. Mary Duhart-Toppen

 On May 12, 2021 The Board of Trustees accepted the recomendation on the appointment for the position of Assistant Superintendent of Academic Programs and Postsecondary Education. Congratulations to Dr. Mary Duhart- Toppen, for the past four years she has served as the principal of Wagner High School for Judson ISD. Dr. Duhart-Toppen has held a variety of roles at Judson ISD serving as a teacher and department chair for Wagner HS, District Specialist in English and Academic Dean at Judson HS and Principal at Kirby Middle School. She earned her Doctorate of Education (EdD) degree through Walden University. Dr. Duhart-Toppen has proven herself time and again as an accomplished and respected leader. She will complete her academic year as Principal at Wagner HS then transition to her new role in June. We look forward to your experience and dedication at the District level.