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Scholarship Squad awards $44,000 to JISD Seniors

The Judson Education Foundation (JEF) Scholarship Squad hit the road Friday morning to award $44,000 in schoalrships to Judson ISD Seniors. 

Each year the foundation is proud to award these schoalrships to stduents who have worked hard and deserve this additional financial support for their college, univeristy or trade school. Congratuations to those who received scholarships


Campus Student Name
JUDSON HS Tatyana Gladden
  Crystalia Hendrix
  Gianna Frazier
  Lijah Finley
  Carlos Martinez
JECA Kaleece E. Brock
  Agustin Valdes Martinez
  Amber Faith Leonen
  Ilaria Cielo
  Amaya J Sidwell
VMHS Jayda L. Hamilton
  Natalie C. Cerda
  Brenndan P. Croteau
  Marley A. Rokas
  Shannon Choi
WHS Melissa L. Fusco
  Rocio Bautista
  Duaily A. Lopez-Reyes
  Nurto Abdi
  Trinidie M Davis


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