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Spotlights on RMES' Nurse Ritterhouse

JISD Spotlights would like to introduce someone who always goes above and beyond for our students at Rolling Meadows ES, Gina Ritterhouse. Most of us can agree that it is difficult to measure just how important a school nurse is these days. Yet, she approaches every situation with warmth and an open mind. Whether it is running a wheelchair out to a student on the playground, nursing an injured staff member, or visiting and escorting an ill student back to the clinic, she is always there!

Rolling Meadows has been incredibly proud to be the home of Gina Ritterhouse since they opened their doors in 2010. She is not only highly knowledgeable and hard-working but is also truly loved by every one of the little wolves at her campus. Her principal, Ms. La Rue, said they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without her.

We hope everyone takes a moment this week to thank their campus Nurse or any RN they know. Judson ISD appreciates everything our nurses do daily to keep our JISD family safe.

"Our amazing Nurse Ritterhouse is reliable, caring, skilled and dedicated to
her students and school. She is more than just “putting on band-aids” and “holding on ice packs”. She keeps our kids safe and heals them with love!"
- Teacher, Kristine Adcock