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Spotlights on WOE's Mrs. Ratliff

JISD Spotlights would like to introduce Mrs. Ratliff is a Special Education teacher who is making a difference at Wortham Oaks Elementary! She teaches Resource ELAR and Math for 4th, 5th and 6th Grade. She wears many hats in addition to being a Special Education teacher; she is also our LEGO League Robotics Coach, Science Camp Coordinator, Campus Webmaster, Facebook Manager, and our 2020 Distinguished Educator.

One of Mrs. Ratliff’s unique talents includes hitching a team of mules to a wagon and driving it. Not only that, but she also enjoys horseback riding. You would think she lives on a piece of land with lots of animals, and she does. However, she only has one dog, Slider, a rescue who is part Golden Retriever, part Lab, and probably another breed or two.

“Mrs. Ratliff has always wanted to be either a veterinarian or a teacher. I am so glad she chose education, and we have her here at Wortham Oaks Elementary. Realistic, a little intense, and dedicated are the top three words she would use to describe herself, and that is exactly what you would see at work. She is dedicated to her students and works with them like no other to ensure learning is occurring. Intense in the sense that she is laser-focused and will not stop simply because things get hard and/or a roadblock comes up, she will overcome those challenges and do what is best for your child. We are WILD about Mrs. Ratliff, and we hope you are too!”
- Ms. Alma Neira, Principal at Wortham Oaks Elementary