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Bus drivers honored at annual banquet

This weekend, Mr. Jose Perez and Mrs. Jeanette Smallwood were honored as the Driver and Bus Assistant of the year, respectful.

Perez has been with Judson ISD for 11 years. During this time, he has maintained an outstanding driving record, respectful relationships with his coworkers, and a delightful working connection with school staff, parents, and students.

“His willingness to assist with additional duties has kept the Judson ISD bus fleet advancing,” terminal supervisor Hewitt Ballard said. “From painting parking lot lines, installing bus seats and arranging bus stop barriers, there is no job too large or small for him to tackle.”

Jose was spotlighted for his efforts during the onset of COVID-19. Along with a team, they were responsible for meal delivery to students and their families during the very beginning of the pandemic.

“His willingness to ensure these families were fed went beyond his responsibility as a bus driver and reflected upon his character,” Ballard said.

Smallwood has been working for Judson ISD for 5 years. During her time, she has maintained a professional demeanor that embodies the department motto, “Driven by Excellence.”

“Her knowledge, confidence and attention to tail have provided her students with exceptional care, great service, and consistent compassion,” Ballard said.

Smallwood is known for selflessly going above and beyond her daily duties, purchasing shoes and clothing for a child whose grandmother was in between jobs. She also noticed one of her students, living in a group home, had no winter clothes.

“She bought long sleeve shirts, a coat, hat, and gloves for that student,” Ballard said.

In addition, she gives the students Christmas gifts, a decorated bus on special holidays, and when needed, purchases calming tools to help with student behavior.

Both Perez and Smallwood are the epitome of what makes Judson ISD great.

“Joe’s (Jose’s) relentless passion to see it all working properly has kept transportation afloat. And Jeanette’s selflessness and dedication to duty has brought great credit to herself, Judson ISD Transportation and Judson ISD,” Ballard said.

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