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Elolf STEAM Academy visits NASA

Elolf STEAM Academy took 50 students in grades 3rd-5th, 4 teachers, and parents to the NASA space center in Houston, Texas. 
The trip to NASA was the culmination of the Space club that took place during the school year and the 4 weeklong space camp that took place during the summer in the month of June. The students were taught a curriculum about space designed from their classroom teachers throughout their preparation leading up to the camp. 
The students learned about the moon phases, space travel, and more dynamic aerospace information. The students conducted experiments and built projects. Learned about the history of space travel, space exploration, as well as NASA's most recent initiatives and goals for the future. 
After the general public left, students were granted special access to the NASA grounds where they were taught by NASA employees how to create their own constellations, participated in egg drop challenge, and built and launched rockets. The students got to camp out inside the NASA space center in one of the exhibit rooms and were treated to breakfast and a tram tour of the NASA campus the next day. 
"It was a very exciting, rewarding, and interesting experience for everyone who attended. It is something that every student should experience but not one that many students may have the opportunity to enjoy," Elolf STEAM Academy Principal Scott Willison said.