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Ms. Ruta Orange and Ms. Roselyn Brown awarded Driver of the Year and Bus Assistant of the Year

Ruta Orange has been an employee of the Judson Independent School District's Transportation Department for four years. During this time, she has earned the respect of her co-workers as being dependable, assiduous, and friendly. Along with an outstanding driving record, Ruta’s works to connect with her students starting with a welcoming “Good Morning” as they enter the bus and a positive “have good day” when they depart.

Mrs. Orange arrives at work with a positive attitude every day and gives her absolute best. There is no wavering in her commitment to Judson ISD, from covering routes on her schedule off days, filling in on last-minute field trips, driving tutoring programs, and supporting mid-day operations. In addition to driving, she is a Lead Driver, trusted by her supervisor to mentor others.

During these years of support, Orange has had her own personal battles. While fighting cancer, she continued to persevere and prevail through this adversity still driving students. Her commitment to the JISD family was unwavering, demonstrated in her treatment schedule being tailored to her route schedule to ensure she could be at work as much as possible.

Ruta Orange is a woman of great courage and commitment with an outstanding safe driving record. Her excellence and positive attitude have brought credit upon her, her family, the Judson ISD Transportation Department and Judson Independent School District.



Roselyn Brown has been an employee at Judson Independent School District for over twenty years serving our community as a Bus Assistant (Monitor) to special education students. Her commitment to the safety and well-being of our students has been with unwavering consistency and heartfelt dedication. Roselyn maintains a professional demeanor that embodies our motto, “Driven by Excellence.”

Over the years, Brown has selflessly given her time and income to provide students and parents with direction and resources. Purchasing clothing items, toys, and other personal gifts has been a staple in her compassion. In addition, throughout her years, along with other employees, Brown ensured sympathy cards were shared amongst employees for those who had suffered a loss, again going beyond the scope of her duties.

She is respected by co-workers and is extremely knowledgeable. She has been a constant support for hands-on training for new bus assistants (monitors), aiding in their instruction and development. Her attendance, patience, and communication skills are outstanding. She is one the department can lean on. Even during times of personal adversities and serious medical concerns, Brown continues to give Judson ISD and the communities we service her absolute best.

Mrs. Brown’s selfless support and dedication has set her apart. Her devotion to serving the JISD community has reflected credit upon herself, the Transportation Department, and the Judson Independent School District.