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Wagner High School's Juleen Cantu shined as a leader

There’s no stress like senior stress. Projects, college applications, essays, after-school jobs, and wondering what path life will take after high school. It can be overwhelming.

But Wagner High School senior Juleen Cantu has been handling it well.

As a leader of Wagner High School’s award-winning choir, she has been a servant leader, volunteering her time outside the organization to tutor those in need.

She’s an example of a great Thunderbird.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Juleen Cantu since she was an eighth grader in choir at Metzger Middle School,” Wagner High School choir teacher Mrs. Antionette Harris said. “Even as a young student then, she has always displayed qualities of leadership. She has been a member of the Wagner Choir for four years and during all of these years she has been a leader and a fantastic student. This year, I have had the pleasure of watching her grow in those leadership skills because she served as my choir vice president. In that role, Juleen was a true servant leader. She was always the first to volunteer to help do anything. 

Now, she’s on her way to the University of Texas at San Antonio, to major in pre-veterinary medicine. With a Doberman, a dachshund, a chihuahua, and a turtle, she’s surrounded by animals.

“I’ve always liked animals since I was little,” Cantu said. “It just stuck with me - I always wanted to be a veterinarian.”

She’s also surrounded by love and support, spotlighting her mom’s sacrifices to ensure she was successful.

“Even though she was busy, she always made the time to sit down and talk to me about what I wanted to do,” Cantu said.

Being a military child (mom served in the Air Force), she moved around constantly, never really establishing herself at a school. But once she got to Wagner High School, she found her place and her love for choir, where she has been successful all four years.

“She was always a willing volunteer when we hosted an event. She was always the first to help make signs and advertisements that we needed for our choir concerts, and she was also a great helper and a dependable student whenever I was absent,” Harris said. “Among her peers she was always willing to tutor and help any student who struggles in our class including helping them practice notes and rhythms and music literacy. It’s truly been a blessing to have such a dependable, reliable, and strong musician as a student in my choir program.”

Having an introverted, yet free spirit personality, Juleen Cantu is another example of an amazing graduate from Judson ISD, with goals and dreams that don’t stop at the sky.

“Once I graduate from UTSA, I want to transfer to a veterinary school, study abroad, probably in Africa,” Cantu said. “I just want to work with animals while I am there.”

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