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Afternoon Pick Up Procedure

This is how we release our car riders after school.
1. You MUST have your blue card in order to drive through. If you do not have a blue card please park and go into the office to receive one. You must have a picture ID to receive a blue card.
2. You cannot walk into the office daily to pick up your child you have to wait in the car line if you choose for them to be a car rider.
3. There is only one lane to get into the school. Please do not drive around into the exit lane.
4. One line will be formed from the safety patrol cones all the way to the parking lot entrance.
5. At the parking lot entrance we will have two lanes formed. This allows us for having traffic backed up to 1604.
6. A teacher will walk around to your cars and call your students name on the walkies talkies. The student will walk out and wait until another teacher tells them which cone to proceed to. Please have your child's name written in dark marker and large for us to read.
7. If your child is not at the cone please roll down your window and tell the safety patrol their name a grade. At this point please be patient a teacher is going to get them because they did not hear their name on the walkies talkies.
8. Your student will be loaded into the car and off you go to hear about there wonderful day at Copperfield. You never even have to get out of the car!
9. In the first few weeks of school please be patient. We are teaching our students the procedures so it takes some time. The younger students need extra help because this is all new to them. I promise each week gets faster!