Hello parents/ students,

I'm so sad that we will not be having class for the next few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed your extended break. Starting on Monday March 23rd you will be responsible for completing online assignments. I have uploaded 10 assignments to our classroom. Out of the 10 assignments you are REQUIRED TO DO 2! choose any two assignments that you like best and can best do at home with your given limitations. Whatever assignments you choose to do will be DUE FRIDAY MARCH 27TH! This will continue until class resumes. Below you will find an attached choice board that briefly describes each assignment and will help you pick the 2 you would like to finish and submit. If you have any questions about any assignments please do not hesitate to contact me!

Next week there will be a new choice board with new/ or similar options.

Google class code:76ujk3f

stay safe,

Barbara Macumba
Dance director
Veterans Memorial HS